Not wrong, just different

I am an introvert…at least that’s the best definition I found for my personality. At a very young age, I realized that I was different from the majority of people. Most kids were loud, outgoing, and enjoyed being in large groups of other kids, playing or competing, or just talking. I was usually quiet, and didn’t like large groups. I was talkative to those close to me, my parents, brother, a few close friends, but when it came to strangers, or people I didn’t care about, I’d clam up pretty quickly.

Frequently, I’d get asked…’what’s wrong with you, why don’t you want to do anything?’…or ‘how come you never want to have fun?’ For years, I thought there WAS something wrong with me, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided that I’m not wrong, just different. 


By writing in this blog, I suppose I’m conflicting with the definition of an introvert, but that is my intention. I sometimes like to try and step outside my normal routine, and see how things go. If I don’t like it, this blog might not last long. My reason for writing, is solely for my own satisfaction, if no one ever sees it, I’m not any worse off.

More to come…possibly 🙂

What type of personality are you?

2 thoughts on “Not wrong, just different

  1. Introverted of course 🙂 I see you’re new to this WordPress too! I think its actually great for an introvert. Have you ever read Susan Cain’s Quiet? If not you should definitely look into it!


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