On the plus side

One of the advantages I find to having an introvert personality, is that I don’t feel the need to always be with other people, nor do I always feel the need to be talking to someone.  The reason I think this is a plus, is that I don’t get lonely as easy as most people. I enjoy being alone…not that I always want to be alone, but i don’t fear it at all.

‘Peace and quiet’ may seem boring to some, but for me it is a necessity. It allows me to relax, relieves stress, and generally puts me in a better frame of mind. Once I’ve had some quiet, alone time, I handle the chaos better.

I find that I notice things many people miss in the world around them. Birds for example. People obviously notice birds, but most don’t really watch them, or pay attention to their songs, because they’re too busy talking, or thinking about their next interaction with someone. Too busy making sure someone is paying attention to them, rather than paying attention to things around them. Birds are amazing creatures…if you slow down long enough to take notice.  Whoever coined the phrase ‘take time to stop and smell the roses’ was probably an introvert. đŸ™‚

Do you enjoy, or dread time alone?

3 thoughts on “On the plus side

  1. Well at a certain extent one may want to be alone but when it becomes continuous its scary-especially when you need that somone to share how your day went hmmm….and all you do is speak to the walls in your bedroom


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