Rows of bobbleheads

I never did well in school.  My teachers frequently said I ‘wasn’t working up to my potential’.  What I realize now, is that I just don’t learn well in the standard school environment. Sitting in a classroom with 20 other people listening to one person talk about a subject, just doesn’t work for me. I would find myself daydreaming, doodling in the notebook that I was supposed to be taking notes in, or watching other people’s reactions to the teacher. I frequently was in trouble in school, just because I was bored, and wanted to do something to liven things up. Unfortunately, the teachers didn’t usually find my antics as amusing as I did.


I seem to learn best while doing something myself, usually if no one is looking over my shoulder to see my mistakes. I’m ok making mistakes when learning, I just don’t like them being critiqued by someone else. I’m perfectly able to figure out what I did wrong on my own thanks!

The introvert in me really cringed when a teacher uttered the phrase ‘class participation‘. It was bad enough that I had to sit through the class, don’t ask me to get up in front, and do anything. I’m sure there are ways to overcome that fear, but for me, whenever I had to go through something like that, it just made it that much harder for me the next time.

It’s unfortunate, but understandable that the majority of teaching, both in schools and corporate environments is the classroom lecture style. I understand it because the majority of people learn that way, its just unfortunate for the few of us that do not.

What method of teaching works best for you?

One thought on “Rows of bobbleheads

  1. I think its also used frequently because its a time saver. Addressing issues or topics to 20 people at once is more efficient than addressing it 5 different times to 4 people at a time.


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