Eye of the beholder

Ever wonder how other people see the world around them?  Do colors look the same to everyone?  Do people notice the same details that you do about things?

I’m realizing just how different people really are.  My wife is a very talented photographer, who can take what looks to me like an ordinary scene, and capture the most amazing photographs.  I’m completely blind to the things that she sees when taking pictures, but the results are always impressive.

Likewise, I have a fascination with watching birds, that most people just don’t ‘get’.  Many people see a bird on a feeder, or in a tree,  and they might recognize the type of bird, but that’s the extent of what they see.  I find myself noticing the intricacies of the feathers, the color patterns, the beak types, the tail size and shape…etc.  Then, once I’ve determined the type of bird, I’ll study it’s behavior.  I’ve seen different personalities in the same types of birds…seen them exhibit all types of ’emotions’…anger, jealousy, fear…etc.


I guess what I’m starting to see, is just how diverse people really are.  Labels such as Introverted, and Extroverted, are just one small descriptor for a very complex human being.

Now if people would just stop trying to change everyone else into their own image…but that’s another topic for another time. 🙂

What do you find you tend to see differently than others?

8 thoughts on “Eye of the beholder

  1. That’s really cool that you can see emotions in birds! Nature is such an awesome thing. And you’re right, personality labels are great but even within a personality type there are so many things that differentiate us, and I think we sometimes forget that 🙂

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  2. I’ve always wanted to know how other people see the world. Maybe that’s why psychology and philosophy fascinate me. People are so diverse and amazing. I think one way I see things differently is that I always believe in people even if the evidence suggests otherwise. I’m the kind of person who even believes in Hitler – not his actions – but just in the way I believe in all people.

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